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We are Currently Open and Providing SAFE Care For Children of Essential Workers.
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Your child's health and safety are always a priority here at Precious Lambs. Our main focus is to develop that strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning and growth.

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Over Twenty Years of Love and Learning For Every Child

We have been in the business of listening to parents and caring for families for over twenty years and counting. We believe that by creating an open dialogue with you, combined with an educational program that equips children to excel in school and life, we are preparing children with their best futures in mind. Supporting families is our life’s work, and we are looking forward to moving into this third decade of serving our community.

Parents who partner with us, receive consistent, safe and quality child care and education through a program that collaborates with the desires of a mother's heart

Marjorie Mallard - CEO

Your Family Comes First with Our Individualized Daycare

We understand how challenging it can be to coordinate busy schedules, especially for working parents. Whether you work long hours or need us to step in when a family member can’t, individualized daycare means we tailor our care to meet your family’s needs. Make childcare one less thing you’ll have to worry about in your busy day.

We Prioritize Your Parenting Goals and Plan with You

No request of yours is too big or too small. Whether it’s spoon-feeding your little one so that they get their nutrition in or respecting their specific diaper or potty routine, our teachers give careful attention to your specific instructions. We ask for precise details on our “Parent Goals Sheet,” presented to you upon enrolment, which our teachers then follow to the letter for you.

Custom Care Plans Perfectly Complement Home Routines

By personalizing your child’s care plan, we can perfectly complement your routine so that you won’t miss a beat at home. Children experience a deep sense of security, consistency, and can relax into our loving environment, while you experience the smoothest transition to childcare every day. At Precious Lambs CHildcare, we plan to meet your child’s every need and ensure that your home routine remains intact.

Setting Out for School Success
with the Precious Lambs Program

Precious Lambs Childcare is nurturing, highly educational environment for your child, as well as a supportive structure for you. The educational program is rigorous yet fun, and starts at an age-appropriate level from day one. Classroom routine incorporates math, science, movement, and dramatic play, while pre-writing starts as early as 2 years-old. A stellar curriculum and teaching expertise make us the perfect jump-off point for school success.

A Play-Based, Academic- Rich Curriculum to Bring Out
the Best in Your Child

Our curriculum is designed to progress as we build on your child’s knowledge day-by-day. Through hands-on educational activities, your child learns through their senses, sharpens their skills, grows to be a model citizen with good values, all while at play. The Precious Lambs teachers are your child’s early learning partners, hooking children on learning and problem-solving well before they start school.

Focusing on Developing Crucial Social Skills from the Very Start

We promote healthy interactions between children, monitor play, reward good choices and behavior, as well as model exemplary conduct.  Children who learn exceptional social skills at an early age develop empathy, can communicate more efficiently, and learn to work together with ease.  We help you solidify positive behaviors at home by sending with the helpful tips and relevant articles to you.

Our Dedicated Parent Engagement Specialist Works Closely with You

Our in-house Parent Engagement Specialist is always available for you. Connect with her via phone, email, or come and see her in the office during the center’s hours with your questions and any concerns. Having a staff member 100% dedicated to communicating with you, the parent, means she is easily accessible to you and that she provides your feedback to both the owner and the teaching staff.

Nutrition-Packed, Home-Cooked, Ultra Healthy Meals

Homemade meals are prepared daily and include whole-grain pumpkin corn squares for breakfast and multi-grain chicken nuggets served with a vegetable for lunch. We are entirely nut-free and accommodate allergies with an alternate “allergy menu,” with gluten-free and dairy-free options available. For extra nutrition in your child’s diet, we opt to add fruits and vegetables in creative ways. An example of this is our cauliflower macaroni and cheese, which children love!

Enrichments Such as
Spanish, French, Yoga,
Stretch Class, and More

We bring extra fun and enriching learning opportunities for your child’s day-to-day. Yoga, Spanish, Music, and Baby Sign Language are but a few of the ways we add enrichment to your child’s routine. We often aim to sweeten our extracurriculars, which is why we hold several fundraisers a year, like selling candy. We boost our sports program, buy supplies and equipment, by appealing to the community for funds, keeping the cost minimal for you.

Topnotch School Skills Start with
Sweet, Handwritten Homework

Children start fun, age-appropriate take-home activities at 2 years old. They have a notebook for their classwork, and a notebook for homework too. Assignments are handwritten by your child’s teacher every day, so that they can get familiar with good school habits like practicing what they’re learning at home. Watch your child master the basics like number and letter recognition, which will make Kindergarten a breeze.

Daily Exercise Guaranteed to Build Your Child’s Growing Body

Our large play space and child-sized equipment is carefully arranged to help children develop all muscle groups and practice large movements. Daily exercise is crucial for your child’s growth, which is why we have this open space which is ideal for daily exercise, even on rainy days. Children stay fit, healthy, and have a lot of fun.

“Theme Days” That Bring Us Together as a Community

Theme days excite children, create a sense of community, and are, simply put: oh-so-cute! Some days we all wear a particular color or bring teddy in for circle time. On sports-themed days we snap adorable pictures of your little one in their favorite sports jersey, rolling a small ball around. Everyone in a shirt and tie is a sight to see!

Parent Communication App Keeps You in the Loop

Communication is easy for parents with the dedicated parent communication app. You can reach out to our Parent-Engagement Specialist at any time and stay informed about the happenings in your child’s day with our updates to you. Expect updates on their health and extraordinary daily accomplishments too, as lots of adorable pictures and updates are sent through this platform, just for you.

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