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Why should I enroll my child in a summer program?

I often encounter families who are looking to place their child in our summer program, so that the child can get exposure to appropriate social skills. We can all attest to the fact that a child’s social and emotional well-being played an integral role in their future social skills, self-esteem and the ability to problem solve.

When most people think of the definition of social skills, they think of how children interact with others and develop friendships. The core of the meaning has to do with expressing emotions, taking turns, becoming independent, building self-esteem, sharing and controlling emotions. These are all critical skills for the development of your child’s success.

Placing your child in a summer program can definitely serve as a benefit to enhance those social skills. Your child will have the ability to be involved in both structured and non-structured activities. They will have the opportunity to participate in games and creative arts and sciences. This will offer the child the ability to learn how to take turns, learn patience, engage in friendships while learning how to deal with their emotions.

Enrolling your child in a summer program can be beneficial for the upcoming school year. It can help your child prepare for effective school preparation for September and help them transition to a preschool setting without learning gaps interfering. Precious Lambs summer program will provide your child with a daily routine which is very similar to the classroom setting. Your child can practice structure, follow a schedule, learn to manage their time. These tasks will benefit them and help prepare for the upcoming school year.

Did you know, how a child progresses socially is a reflection of the opportunities you make available for your child?

You can make every opportunity possible for your child and have them engage with peers on a consistent continual basis. Placing them in a quality environment has several benefits for your child because they will be surrounded by peers, have the supporting guidance of a teacher and a role model. This can help them associate their feelings with making the right choices for handling conflict, using the right terms on resolving conflicts as opposed to expressing their feelings through outburst.

Here are five things you can do to help strengthen your child’s social skills:

#1. Select a quality program that your child will consistently attend year around for a minimum of at least three days per week for 5 to 6 hours per day.

#2. Provide opportunities that are structured and non-structured, but also allows for creative group and non-group experiences.

#3. Be aware of emotions because you are your child’s role model.

#4. Model appropriate language and terminology that expresses emotions.

#5. Be sure to discuss your concerns about your child’s development with the administrative team and your child’s group leader.

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