Toddler Care HolbrookHolbrook Toddler Program

Ages 19 months to 3 years old.

Designed to offer an optimal toddler experience and activities through our fun and engaging curriculum.

We collaborate with parents as our partners in the early learning experience. Our program is tailored to promote resiliency, confidence and independence as your little ones develop lifelong skills. Our Toddler Care teacher’s customize your child’s learning experience to enable child directed, as well as teacher directed activities.  We encourage imaginary play, while helping enhance your child’s creativity.  Our curriculum affords your toddler the opportunity to learn their shapes, colors, letters and numbers through sensory play, pre-writing skills, recognition, music & movement and other creative expressions.

We know how critical communication is for staying in tune with your child’s progress. We overemphasize how we communicate by utilizing your child’s daily journal so you will be kept abreast of your child’s daily progress and to relay messages to the teaching staff as well.    You will also receive daily updates to ease your worry and concerns about your child’s day, eating habits and toileting concerns.  You are informed of any milestones reached as well as skills that the teacher may work on with your child.  As always, be sure to check our Facebook page for photos of your child’s fun filled day.

Program Highlights

  • Fosters to develop your child’s social-emotional and cognitive skills, through hands on thematic based opportunities. The perfect balance of learning through play with love and guidance.
  • Work with families to combat potty training issues and help with your child becoming more comfortable with their potty training experience while we praise and encourage them to be independent.
  • We listen to your requests and try to accommodate wherever we can. Successful caregiving is done when both parties work together for the success of the children.

Physical Development

  • We make time for indoor and outdoor gross motor activities.
  • Making time throughout our day for your child to climb, jump, run in a safe and secure setting so that they can release the wiggles and sillies continually.
  • We allow for creative movement and play in our indoor space and outdoors. Whether your child is playing in our fenced in yard or in our safe developmentally appropriate classroom space, a balance between spaces is just another opportunity for your two year old to enhance their learning and explore their world.

Development Support

  • Nurturing and support socially and emotionally – Twos want to be independent and are in the midst of self-discovery. Precious Lambs Teachers are there to encourage your twos as they explore their world.
  • Offering open arms for nurturing and compassion. We realize that there are times when your little one just needs to cuddle and be loved.
  • Comforting your child if they are experience separation anxiety, or if they are just having a day.
  • We do our best to accommodate you and your child.
  • Encouraging the use of words and vocabulary to associate with peers.

Classroom Video

Classroom Schedule

Precious Lambs provides a structured daily schedule for your child while delivering a high quality curriculum for your twos.  The children will be exposed to a schedule of a morning routine, hand washing, introduction to the days theme, music & movement, letter, number and shape recognition, arts & crafts, sensory, potty time as well as an afternoon routine.  We do however, realize your babes are just two and their day needs to allow for flexibility for the children to explore an activity in greater detail.

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