The Top 5 Tips for Getting Over Guilt From Leaving Your Child In Daycare

As working parents, we have our work cut out for us: managing our busy home life, pressing demands at work and making sure that our children have proper child care. When a child is born there is nothing more exciting than spending time watching their very new discovery. But when you need to leave your children in child care the feeling of guilt can be overwhelming. Here are 5 tips to help minimize the worry.

Find A Schedule That Works For Your Family

If your job has flexibility and you are able to work one day from home per week, then you can schedule your childcare needs to start on a part-time schedule.

Spend Time Away From Your Child Outside of Drop Offs At Childcare

It can get pretty tough to not feel guilty when dropping off your little ones if there aren’t other times when you leave them to do other things. So go on a date with your spouse or spend personal time away to get used to being away from your child. This will go a long way for both you and your child to lessen the stress surrounding attending school.

Do Your Research

Ask other parents for suggestions on good childcare providers. Read testimonials like the ones posted on the Precious Lambs website to gain a better sense of what other parents think about a facility that you may have in mind.

Check Out The Facility

Arranging for a tour of a child care facility that you have in mind before you drop off your little ones can go a long way to diminishing your fears. Taking a look at the nap rooms, play room and other areas that your child will be frequenting will help you to gauge if the facility is the right fit for your child.

Take a Second Tour

Taking a second tour; one with your child and one without your child is a great way to ease stress around leaving your child in childcare while you’re at work. During the tour you can see if your child is comfortable in their new setting.

Maintaining a guilt free conscience as a working parent is tricky. But if you try some of the tips above and check out some more tips from my e-book A Parent’s Guide to Guilt-Free Childcare your guilt will begin to go away. What are some of your guilt free childcare tips? Share them with me in the comments below!

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