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The Importance of Preschool Education

As much as parents would love to hold onto their little babies forever, there comes a time when it’s for the benefit of everyone that your toddler starts an early education program. There are so many benefits to starting a program like this early, even if it’s on a part-time basis. The beginning of social skills and structure are an important stepping stone to a successful educational future and it starts early! It’s astounding how high the proportion of learning is between the ages of birth and six-years-old and it can be crucial for your child to get the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development they will need.

Language begins to unfold in a more dynamic way during this period in a child’s life and working in an early education program that you trust, like Precious Lambs, can be an instrumental benefit to future vocabulary and speech development. In our Toddler’s Program, generally between the ages of 2-3, children participate in active learning, self-help skills and socialization skills. There is a hands-on approach to learning the alphabet, along with numbers and shapes, play and sensory exploration.

Speaking of play, play time is just as important in a child’s learning and emotional development as anything else. By engaging in activities like story time, circle time, arts, crafts, outdoor play, and games, play is an integral part of the toddler program at Precious Lambs. Play can help to develop a child’s values and ethics, as well, and should always be a fun experience. Play encourages children to work on their decision-making skills, as well as to help explore their individuality, which lets them express themselves and process emotions and events in their lives. What a wonderful thing to encourage in early education!

So what other significant reasons you should look into a Preschool Education for your child?

  • As mentioned briefly above, brain development is highest during the first four years of life. That’s right! Look at how much our little ones learn from the time they are born until the time they start kindergarten. It’s staggering! Children this age learn at very quick rates and WANT to learn new information! Their brain absorbs info like a sponge and when they are immersed in a quality preschool program, your child will benefit beyond imagination
  • Forming structure in your child’s life gives them the safety they need. Children thrive when they are expected to stick to routines and by being included in a loving, structured environment, it gives them a sense of security and belonging.  Setting expectations early and teaching kids the rules and routines that need to be followed as they grow, sets them up for success and they look forward to the next activity on their schedule. What a great framework to set your child up with for future learning!
  • Social Skills. Period. By not immersing your child in some type of early education program, even if it’s part-time, they may have difficulty in school because they never fully learned how to handle different situations with other children and adults when they were younger. By learning how to listen, taking turns, apologizing, and using manners, they learn compassion and empathy. It also encourages independence from parents, which will be needed before entering Kindergarten. As much as we’d love to, parents can’t always be there to do everything for our children!
  • Let’s face it… academics are becoming more and more important at an earlier age that they were in past years. More research has been done that shows a child is able to learn and perform more than what we used to expect of them. Children entering Kindergarten are expected to know specific things and by having them in an early education environment, you’ll make sure that they are able to meet expectations and can keep up.

Take a look at Precious Lambs and schedule a tour today if you’re interested in learning more about our Early Education Programs. We value our families and absolutely love shaping the young minds that we are blessed to have every day. Making sure we give them the tools they need to succeed further down the road is our #1 goal and we are so proud when our youngsters master a new skill. It’s a thrill each and every time!

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