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Summer Fun Time Learning

Summertime. Time to relax, kick back, and enjoy all of the fun pool parties and BBQ’s. Right?! Well… yes, but we also do a lot of work here at Precious Lambs during our summer programs! We keep the children on task on their reading during the summer, but find fun and creative ways to reinforce what the children have learned during the school year. It’s a little bit of the best of both worlds! The kids are having so much fun they don’t even realize that they are still learning and retaining the information they gained throughout the school year.

So how do we do it and how can you do it at home?

Library Visits
We do a couple library visits throughout the summer and it’s the perfect place to spend a little time with the kiddos! Everyone enjoys story time and all of the great books that we read. Many libraries have wonderful summertime programs, so make sure to check out your local library, too! Some even provide weekly classes that children in different age groups can attend. What a great way to keep the learning going during these warm months!

Site Word Time
Here at Precious Lambs, every day when the children arrive, we start the day off with an activity reinforcing the site words we have went through during the school year. It helps to go over all of the skills that the children have already learned and by repeating those site words often, it helps the children kick the school year off right in the fall!

This is another great activity you can do at home with the children. Pick a time during the day when it’s optimal for you and your child to spend a little quiet time reviewing site words, and before you know it will become a daily routine that with benefit your child so much! If you are looking for ideas on how to review site words in your home, Pinterest is a great resource for pintable’s you can use, as well as site word games to keep your children interested in their learning time.

Dig for Letters in the Sand
This is a summertime favorite at Precious Lambs! We have letters that we bury in the sand for the kids and spend time with them digging for the letters in the sane. As they get the letters, they are encouraged to put them together to form words. They love it! This is great even for the younger kids for letter recognition. What could be better than learning in the sand? This is an easy one to do with the kids at home and I promise they are going to think you are a pretty cool parent for incorporating learning time with digging in the sand!

Play Games
Who doesn’t love to play games? A favorite of ours here at Precious Lambs is playing “Wild West”. While we are pretending to live in the wild, wild west, we are also reviewing our numbers and counting skills! A favorite can be to take 10 paces opposite ways before “squaring off”. Counting steps and knowing which number to stop on helps them learn skills they don’t even realize they’re working on while playing games. It’s perfect!

As you can see, we keep quite busy here during the summer. While we are definitely more laid back than we are during our normal school year routine, we never stop teaching the kids important skills that we have gone through the previous year. It’s one of the main reasons our kids at Precious Lambs are so successful and prepared by the time they step foot into Kindergarten! We hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are!

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