A Rich Learning Environment

Exploring New Knowledge, Talents, and Skills

Baby girl sitting on white carpet with toy blocks at a Preschool & Day

A Rich Learning Environment

Exploring New Knowledge, Talents, and Skills

Children Feel Safe,
Centered, and Cared For

For most children, we offer the first glimpse at a formal educational setting. To give your child the best possible start for their learning and in participating with others, we work one-on-one with your little one, building their confidence as they ease into this new environment. Giving personalized attention in a centered, loving way allows your child to feel comfortable enough to explore and expand their horizons.

A Program for Self-discovery, Identifying Skills,
& Exploring Interests

Our toddler teachers personalize your child’s learning experience with custom, tailored activities. The Precious Lambs’ Program includes both child-directed and teacher-directed pursuits, fostering the social, emotional, and cognitive development of your child. Your toddler grows through self-discovery, identifying their skills, capabilities, and interests.

Targeting Plans for
Each Child’s Advancement

We encourage your child’s strengths, improve on any areas of weakness, and enhance your child’s creativity at a pace that is comfortable for them. Although our individualized curriculum allows your toddler to learn in their areas of interest, it is tailoring learning activities that develop your child in areas where they are struggling, that is the most important.

The Precious Lambs toddler curriculum includes:

Shapes and color recognition, matching, and more

Numbers and Letter recognition and tracing

Sensory play with math concepts like "more" and "less," or "full"
and "empty."

Pre-writing skills, grasping and holding a pencil,
and tracing

Music and movement

Circle Time for active listening and
group participation

Dramatic Play for honing social skills through essential role play

Arts & Crafts, the messier, the better

Nurturing Your Child’s Growth with Guidance, Love, and Care

At this age, children are growing rapidly and need extra guidance from caring teachers. For some children, it’s gentle direction with the social aspect of playing well with their peers; for others, it’s listening, sitting, and finding focus. Whatever the intentional goal established, our expert teachers observe your child and plan achievable goals for them to accomplish. Growth happens through nurturance, and nurturance through our emotional support and care.

The Real Game of Thrones:
We Help with Potty Training

We work with parents with potty training and help your child become more comfortable and independent with their bathroom experience. We praise toddlers’ successes, instilling positive hygiene habits to help them grow and mature. Let us take some of the pressure of potty training off your hands, as we help you and your child along in the game of the throne, actualizing this life-changing self-care skill.

Healthy Bodies Benefit from Daily Playtime and Exercise

Precious Lambs offers plenty of opportunities for your little one to climb, run, and jump. Our safe play structures are the perfect place for your child to release any pent up energy. Our curriculum involves time for indoor and outdoor activities and targets the development of strong gross motor skills, balance, and coordination

Delicious, Balanced, and Nutritious Home Cooking

Everything we serve is home-cooked from scratch and entirely nut-free. Breakfast and lunch include fresh fruit and vegetables. Our chef endeavors to add veggies to dishes in creative ways, introducing children to different flavors, but most importantly, adding nutrition to each meal. We also offer a special allergy menu: gluten-free and dairy-free options to cater to every need.

Homework to Continue Your Child’s Learning at Home

We believe in providing homework to learners as young as two years old to instill this scholastic habit early on. From tracing lines to color recognition and more, these take-home activities are handwritten by your child’s teacher and personalized just for them. Your toddler is advancing at their own pace, practicing the skills they are learning, and is getting ready for a smooth transition to preschool.

Clear, Consistent Parent Communication

Keeping up to date with your child’s journey at Precious Lambs and day-to-day activities has never been so easy thanks to our convenient Brightwheel communication app. We use it to share regular news, photos, and personalized messages with you. You can reach our Parent-Engagement Specialist easily, so that you stay completely up-to-date, and don’t miss a beat.

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