The Sweetest Summer Memories

Are Made of Fun, Friends, and Learning

Group of kids toasting a marshmallow on a bonfire outdoors sitting in front of tents at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Greenville, AL

The Sweetest Summer Memories

Are Made of Fun, Friends, and Learning

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Fun All Summer Long

We keep your little ones busy and entertained throughout the warmer months with our exceptional eight-week long camp program. From arts and crafts to sports, group activities, play sessions, and field trips, there’s never a dull day at Precious Lambs throughout the summer months.

Celebrating Exciting
Weekly Themes

Each week at summer camp offers a new theme to foster a sense of celebration and participation amongst Summer campers, setting the excitement bar high. Topics such as Chef’s Kitchen Day and Greek Sports Day are carefully selected to cater to all interests and will have your children looking forward to the day ahead every morning.

Attentive, Caring Teachers

Our experienced, caring instructors are always nearby to ensure your child is getting the attention and guidance they require. Providing your child with personal attention makes the Summer months a continuation of their education. Giving them all the warmth and care they can need while they are making friends and having fun shapes the best childhood summer memories.

Playtime, Learning, and Age-Appropriate Activities

While school might be out for the summer, we still offer plenty of opportunities for learning throughout our summer camp program to allow your children to sharpen their skill sets and absorb information at any opportunity possible. Age-appropriate lessons and activities are organized for all developmental levels, skills and interests.

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