Expanding Knowledge and Skills

Making Friends and Practicing Good School Habits

Happy preschool girl hands in waist smiling. With two boys at the background at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Greenville, AL

Expanding Knowledge and Skills

Making Friends and Practicing Good School Habits

Getting Your Child
Truly School Ready

The Precious Lambs’ curriculum falls right in line with the New York State Early Learning Guidelines. Our classrooms are designed to let children play at various centers, as they broaden both their imagination and judgment, developing creative and critical thinking skills.

Your child is soon ready to enter their more formal school setting as they develop:

Math concepts

Pre-writing and
early literacy

Science, simple experiments, and research projects

Dramatic play and

Problem-solving skills

Decision-making abilities

Independent play

Cooperation and
group work

Social Skills
and Empathy

Our Teachers Make
the Difference

Our experienced team teaches with kindness and respect, as well as with zest and vigor. Whether offering praise, setting limits, helping your child overcome failure, or sharing in their success, it is their exceptional professionalism and unconditional love that makes a difference for your child. Our Director is on-site daily to offer additional support to children and staff alike.

The Fostering of Key Social
Skills and Independence

Our preschool program introduces social skills to young learners as part of the curriculum. Patient, diligent teachers lead children to comfortably use their words, take turns, form a line, sit in a circle, raise their hands to answer questions, and practice consideration with each other. Children are also assigned duties in the classroom, which promotes their sense of responsibility and community.

Personalized Plans for Targeted Learning Opportunities

The Precious Lambs curriculum blends the best hands-on activities, teaching approaches, and learning styles. Whether children are sensory-seeking or naturally hesitant, tactile, or visual learners, we work with them both independently and in large and small group activities. Teachers maintain a portfolio for each child to coach them in areas requiring improvement as well as to develop your child’s unique talents and strengths.

Outdoor Play and Exercise Develops Agility and Coordination

Our physical development program boasts an extensive roster of both outdoor and indoor activities and play. Twice daily, your child gets a chance to be outside and to run, climb, jump, and play. From fun games to sports and more, our curriculum places emphasis on improving physical skills, abilities, agility, and eye-hand coordination.

Home-Cooked, Kid-Approved Meals and Snacks

Using only fresh, high-quality ingredients, our meals incorporate fruits and veggies wherever possible, and are entirely nut-free. Crowd favorites such as cauliflower mac and cheese are a hit around here! We aim to create healthier versions of popular dishes and can tailor all of the meals we serve to be allergen-free upon request.

Regular Updates and Feedback for Parents

With daily journal entry communication, parent-teacher conferences, and frequent updates via our Brightwheel app, we are continually sharing your preschooler’s progress and development with you. Reading about their achievements and seeing some of the day’s memorable moments will warm your heart and is sure to bring a smile to your face every day.

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