100% Ready for Kindergarten

Making a Lasting Impact on Future School Success

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100% Ready for Kindergarten

Making a Lasting Impact on Future School Success

All the Skills Needed for
Success in Kindergarten

All the Skills Needed for Success in Kindergarten

To be fully ready for Kindergarten, children must not only know the basics in reading, writing, and math. They need listening skills and focus, social skills, comprehension, cooperation, and the ability to act and think independently as well. The Precious Lambs Program offers such a well-rounded and academic-rich curriculum. We guarantee your child will be fully prepared for a successful start to Kindergarten.

Our Vibrant,
Academic-Rich Curriculum

Your child is now learning more significant concepts, seeing from the perspective of others, and how to handle classroom materials appropriately and put them away. Through daily coaching, they understand similarities and differences, can thinking deeper now, and answer abstract questions as well as questions about their environment.

Your child is soon ready to enter Kindergarten as they develop the following skills:

Writing their first and last name

Recognizing sight words

Reciting and following the days of the week and months of the year

Spelling their colors
and numbers

sentence structure

Beginning to reading

Playing well
with others

Working in small and large
group settings

Raising their hand to speak


polite manners

Taking turns

Sharing and communicating ideas

Being patient and following an organized structure

Take-Home Activities

Homework appropriate to your child’s abilities and skill set is handwritten by their teacher every day. Take-home exercises allow them to become familiar with an essential school habit as they learn the basics of reading, writing, math, and more. Getting used to homework early on will make starting kindergarten a breeze!

5 Vital Social Skills for Your Precious Pre-Kindergartener

Positive role modeling is critical at this stage. The first social skills your child learns are acquired by watching the adults around them rather than in interactive play with their peers. Precious Lambs’ team teaches several essential social skills through play and fun.

The top five vital social skills your child will learn are:

1.) Expressing emotions

Your child learns to verbalize their sense of loss or frustration, resorting to throwing things around or hitting other children.

2.) Communication

“Please,” “thank you,” and “I’m sorry.” It takes some time before these responses become automatic. We practice and repeat until children understand etiquette.

3.) Listening

Allowing children to engage in discussions with groups of their peers is one way of stimulating listening skills and teaching them the value of taking turns.

4.) Group work

Providing opportunities to involve your child in socializing groups is as important as positive role modeling.
In a classroom setting, children complete group work tasks so that they learn that each group member has a role and what it takes to complete the task.

5.) Non-verbal skills

Your child gains the ability to read facial expressions and body language. We teach children to interpret non-verbal cues through fun activities, like role-playing, acting a feeling, or observing and discussing the characters in a play or puppet show, and what they’re feeling.

Enrichments such as Spanish,
Yoga, Music, and More

We bring extra fun and enriching learning opportunities to your child’s day-to-day routine with our yoga, music, dancing, and Spanish language programs. Getting in touch with their creativity provides added avenues for your child to express themselves, identify their talents and interests and experience life outside of traditional academia.

Naturally Developing
Cognitive Abilities,
Curiosity, and Motivation

Gone are the days of boring conditioning and drill-like exercises. Through fun games, books and storytelling, arts and crafts, songs, and more, your child explores different angles of the subjects in our Precious Lambs curriculum. All of the basics, such as letter recognition and counting up to 20, are incorporated in lively experiential lessons. Allow your child’s innate curiosity to lead them and their natural enthusiasm to guide the way.

Nutritious Breakfast, Lunch,
and Snack Included

We believe that health and happiness start with a balanced, nutritious diet. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are made from whole grains and fresh ingredients, are home-cooked, and delicious. We incorporate fresh fruits and a variety of vegetables wherever possible, for added nutrition. We cater to allergies of all kinds upon request, and our facilities are entirely nut-free.

Plenty of Space for
Play and Exercise

Moving and staying active is an essential way to balance the demands of a more rigorous curriculum. Group sports also provide the perfect backdrop for practicing new social skills. Independent playtime, outdoors when the weather permits, is the best time to release any pent up energy and is an excellent way for children to integrate their learning while strides in solidifying friendships.

Regular Parent-Teacher Communication with
the Brightwheel App

Alongside the Brightwheel communication app that we use to provide daily updates, we host parent-teacher conferences. We have a staff member wholly dedicated to parent communication: our Parent Engagement Specialist. She is 100% accessible during our hours of operation, and updates parents as to the health, progress, and performance of their child.

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