Safe, Secure, and Loved

Your Baby’s Home-Away-From-Home

cute little baby girl crawling on the carpet among the development toys at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Greenville, AL

Safe, Secure, and Loved

Your Baby’s Home-Away-From-Home

A Fun and Flexible Schedule That Engages Your Baby in Play

Maintaining your home naptime and feeding routine as carefully as possible makes life easier for you. Your sweet little one’s needs come first, which is why we offer this flexibility.

During wake times, your baby benefits from a variety of daily stimulating play activities, which include:

Arts and crafts

Tactile sensory play

Tummy time

Baby Yoga

Music sessions


Simple Baby
Signing Study

Language Learning

Adoring, Responsive Teachers Give Each Child Special Attention

At such an early stage in life, babies need touch, rocking, affection, cuddles, eye contact, reassuring words, and sweet murmurs. Our caring, highly experienced teachers use every opportunity to interact with and respond to your child. These loving interactions are essential to your baby’s development, which is why we give your baby love and every special attention.

A Big Focus Physical Activity
for Your Little Mover

Babies develop essential motor skills by practicing movements and imitating gestures. Giving your baby opportunities to learn to grasp objects, clap to the music, play with soft puppets, and handle their toys are more than merely play. We engage your baby in ways that enhance their physical abilities, helping them build dexterity effortlessly and naturally.

The Lively Exploration of All Five Senses

From sight to sound, taste, smell, and touch, we are always inviting your child to safely discover the world around them in new, creative ways. Whether your child is molding play dough, building with soft blocks, or experimenting with paints or colored yogurt, they’ll regularly be experiencing their five senses. Early learning experiences look a lot like play, yet are a baby’s way of gaining new skills and knowledge.

Our Program Boosts Brain Power and Advances
Cognitive Skills

Your child receives gentle coaching from topnotch teachers, and even at this tender age, gains awareness of crucial concepts. What your child experiences now sets the stage for their future learning. Within the scope of our infant curriculum, your child is introduced to skills proven to enhance their development. The continuity of the Precious Lambs Program ensures your child’s mind is growing and their abilities are ever-advancing.

Making Music and Art a Part of Your Baby’s Day-to-Day

There’s no cap on creativity at Precious Lambs. From lyrical storytelling, singing songs, dance sessions, to experimenting with musical instruments, we offer your child plenty of opportunities for artistic expression and discovery. Music and art activities every day is an essential component of our well-rounded play-based curriculum.

Meeting Your Baby’s Nutritional Needs and Introducing Solids

Whether breastfed or bottle-fed, our expert staff aims to meet your baby’s specific nutritional requirements. Once your child is ready to try solid food, the utmost love and care are taken to prepare them for our infant-friendly menu. We encourage your child to try a variety of wholesome, nutrition-dense, and delicious home-cooked food.

Ample Opportunity For Learning English, Spanish, and
Baby Sign Language

Teachers provide infants with ample opportunities for language acquisition as they read stories, play peek-a-boo, and support the use of descriptive words through targeted learning activities. Your child will be introduced to baby sign language to help them express their needs, thoughts, and emotions, quelling much of the frustration that can arise in the absence of two-way verbal communication.

The Parent Goal Sheet Program Prioritizes Your Objectives

No need to worry or even think about how your baby is being looked after while in our care. We work off the parent goal sheet you provide that sets clear ideals for your infant’s care. As an inclusive environment, we meet a multitude of cultural needs, as well as the specific needs of your baby. Logs are created and placed on classroom walls so that teachers can be aware of parent preferences, such as ointment for diaper changes and beyond. Your child’s care is based on your exact preferences.

Being a Part of Your Child’s Day with the Brightwheel Communication App

We place a high emphasis on daily communication, are a click away for questions, and provide you with regular updates and feedback. The convenient Brightwheel app allows us to keep you informed of your infant’s feedings, activities, milestones, and accomplishments throughout the day, so you are always kept in the loop. This app also allows us to send you photos of each magical, memorable moment.

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