Caring Support for Your Family

Whether It’s the Morning Routine or After School, We’ve Got You Covered

Kindergarten students smile when playing toy in playroom at preschool playroom at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Greenville, AL

Caring Support for Your Family

Whether It’s the Morning Routine or After School, We’ve Got You Covered

Enriching Morning Routines
to Start the Day Right

Our before school program sets the stage for the rest of your child’s day by providing them with beneficial morning routines that help them achieve their daily goals. We make sure that we offer a haven in which they can balance playing with their peers, expressing themselves, and pursuing their interests.

Good Habits and an
After School Routine

Once the school day has come to a close, our instructors help young learners unwind by organizing physical activities, snack time, and time dedicated to homework. The structure of our after school care encourages discipline and positive habits. Bringing this structure to your child’s day allows them to prioritize tasks, make time for their interests, play with their friends, and build independence.

Guaranteeing Your Child’s Safety

Driver’s licenses are required from any persons who will be picking up your child from our care programs. Additionally, those picking up students are required to be named on parents’ or guardians’ pick-up list. This security measure allows us to ensure that we are releasing the children in our care to the correct adults and guaranteeing their safety.

Customized Care To Suit
Your Child’s Needs

We recognize that each set of parents has a different set of priorities and preferences when it comes to the care of their child. Our director and instructors are always available to speak with you to take note of any details relative to your child’s needs, changes in their medical condition, meals to be avoided, or personalized attention required.

Emergency Back-Up
Options Provided

Our center offers emergency childcare for families in need of assistance for a day or on a temporary basis. We understand that life’s challenges are not always conducive to our schedules, especially for the working parent whose family members aiding in the care of your child become sick, go on vacation, or simply need a day off. Provide us with 24 hours’ notice and ensure that all necessary registrations papers are completed, we take care of the rest.

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