Holbrook Child Care Programs

At Precious Lambs, we provide high quality care in an education rich environment.

This type of environment will challenge your child to be the best they can be, and of course, have fun while doing so. We also strive to provide a home away from home for your little ones, and to provide a place where children can grow and develop.

We aim to collaborate with our families to develop the goals you set forth for your child’s success and to equip them for their next stage of development. Your children are precious and we want them to be ready for kindergarten!

We do this through our curriculum which is customized to fit the needs of a variety of learners. Your child is introduced to enhancing their academics through a multi-modal approach, sensory, art, hand over hand instruction and one to one guidance.

Below you will get a glance at all of our child care programs. Our programs cover children ranging from 6 weeks to 8 years old. Our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs help your child get ready for the next level of learning.

Child Care Classrooms in Holbrook

Precious Lambs Child Care offers safe and comfortable classrooms for your child, no matter their education level. We strive to give your child a home away from home. They will play and learn in a safe area with like-minded children.

Using a hands-on approach, your child will blossom into an active learner. Challenging objectives and creative tasks keep your child pushing their learning limits. Each day they will face new and exciting challenges requiring critical thinking, teamwork and much more.

Professional Teaching Staff in Holbrook NY

Our staff works tirelessly to help your child grow. Our learning objectives reach beyond the curriculum. We help your child discover a love of learning that will last them throughout their years in school.

Working side by side with our children, we guide them to new heights with collaboration and teamwork. They rely on their classmates and work through every project using their critical thinking skills.

Our staff is easily accessible to all our parents. We encourage you to stop by for a tour and meet some of our many wonderful teachers. We aim to include our parents in their child’s education, and hope to relieve the stress of sending your child to day care.

Our Programs

Our Toddler program is designed to foster the social, emotional and cognitive development of our earliest learners.  For most students, this will be their first exposure to a formal educational setting.  We work to provide a loving, positive experience that caters to the needs of the individual child.  Working with your little ones on separation issues, Potty training or just being comfortable with the transition of being in a new environment.  Discover how our toddlers are learning! 

Parent Testimonial

I want to thank Marjorie and the Precious Lambs teachers and staff for taking such great care of my son from the beginning.  Benjamin started with them at 2 ½ years old, during the first meeting Marjorie had said to me by the time he leaves he will be reading, writing and ready for Kindergarten. I thought to myself that is very ambitious let’s see what happens.  Well today is my son’s last day at precious lambs as he gets ready to embark on his new journey into Kindergarten and wouldn’t you know it he is reading and writing and more prepared for school then I could have ever imagined or done myself.

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Our Preschoolers are in a wonderful place of being little and sweet and finding out who they are and what they can accomplish.  They are gaining control of their actions as they explore their world.  Curiosity peeks their interest.  With Precious Lambs curriculum, which is child directed and teacher led our three-year-old experience will set forth the foundation for their exposure to Prek.   Precious Lambs fosters a sense of independence and accomplishment in our preschoolers as they are equipped with classroom jobs for their day-to-day tasks. Customizing the care that your child receives based upon their unique and individual needs in order to help them reach their developmental milestones. See how our preschoolers are meeting key milestones.

Parent Testimonial

I am a parent of a 3 yr. old son who loves getting up and going to Precious Lambs. Never before has my son looked forward to going to pre-school/daycare until I found Precious Lambs. Precious Lambs has exceeded my expectations and I must say that I can testify that their mission statement on their website is true. While interviewing other local preschools none of them had the curriculum and core values like Precious Lambs.~Kelly A. 

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Our Pre-K program is truly a state of the art Kindergarten Readiness Program.  With an emphasis on building confidence, enthusiasm and a love for learning, your child will be prepared beyond your school district’s expectations for Kindergarten entry. Your child will be equipped to perform at their highest level in reading, writing and math skills.  They will be equipped with site words, sentence writing, and pre-reading just to name a few.  Precious Lambs’ Pre-K program goes over and beyond, name writing, letter and number recognition. Your child is challenged and equipped with the tools that will give them the ability to write the spelling of their colors, numbers and site words.  Find out what we have in store for you Pre-K student?

Parent Testimonial

Jasmine has always been cared for in a loving manner. Precious Lambs puts the needs of their children first. Jasmine’s love of learning has been nurtured at Precious Lambs. She is starting kindergarten next month knowing her letters, numbers, colors, how to write her name- even beginning addition and sight words. ~Rebecca T 

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Precious Lambs offers a weekly thematic summer program based on your child’s age group that runs from July through August, welcoming all students ages 19 months through 8 years.  Helping our children to learn and grow even when school is not in session.  Offering on site field trips with plenty of outdoor time.  We maintain a full day’s schedule with plenty to do. Find out why our summer camp is the place to be!

Parent Testimonial

My son has been going to precious lambs for 2 1/2 years now for the summer program. He really enjoys the activities and the staff are wonderful. They have a great variety of activities to keep the kids occupied and every Friday they have pizza. Which is one of my son’s favorite part! I would highly recommend precious lambs for your daycare needs.

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Our enriching before and after school program is safe and provides a haven for before and after school activity where your child’s safety, learning and happiness is our chief concern. We provide an environment that allows for your child to balance playing with their peers, finishing homework, engaging in physical activity and pursuing their own individual unique interest. Looking for the right solution for your before and after school care?

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