Preschool HolbrookHolbrook Preschool

Ages 3 – 4 years old

Precious Lambs Preschool program offers structure with an emphasis on school readiness.

Our curriculum falls in line with the New York State Early Learning Guidelines.  Through thematic lessons, our purposely designed learning centers, which includes math, writing, science and dramatic play, will afford your child’s learning experiences both independently as well as with small groups, broadening their imagination and intellectual experiences.

Children also learn how to use their patience, wait in line, raise their hands to speak and how to take turns.  They are also given job duties in the classroom, promoting a sense of responsibility and self-care.  Our hands on approach to learning will appease multi-modal learning styles, i.e., visual, auditory, daily name practicing, alphabet and numerical writing in journals, small group one to one instruction. Your child’s teacher maintains assessment portfolio for each child.

Program Highlights

  • Well-rounded curriculum touching on fundamentals in the areas of math, literacy, phonetics, sciences, pre-Writing Skills
  • Skill mastering in the areas of problem solving, decision making, independence and the ability to work with others.
  • Child directed and teacher led, our three-year-old experience will set forth the foundation for their exposure to Prek.
  • Customized care based upon your child’s unique and individual needs in order to help them reach their developmental milestones.
  • Child does not need to be potty-trained to be enrolled in our preschool program.

Program Benefits

  • Parent teacher conferences
  • Individualized one-to-one instruction
  • Developmentally appropriate academic rich curriculum
  • Hands on learning, not worksheets or workbooks with daily homework
  • Learning of life skills
  • Loving and nurturing environment
  • Community style atmosphere
  • Daily journal entry communication
  • Collaboration between school and family so your child can reach your goals

Proven Results

  • Recognition and write his or her name and the names of his or her peers
  • Independence
  • Ability to problem solve, think rationally and reason logically
  • Improved physical skills and eye and hand coordination
  • Recognize sounds of the letters in the alphabet
  • Being fully prepared for Pre-K and the next stage of your child’s development

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