Pre Kindergarten Program Holbrook

Ages 4 years old

Precious Lambs is proud to offer both a full day and part day program to enrich your child’s pre-kindergarten experience.

The primary mission of our Pre-Kindergarten program is to equip your child with the tools necessary to succeed at the Kindergarten level.  We want your child to develop a passion to always be eager to be a lifelong learner.

Program Highlights

  • Offer a high quality experience in a loving academically challenging environment.
  • Provide small group and large group settings for teaching instructions.
  • Communicate! Families will receive parent teacher conferences twice per year and privately scheduled meetings with the team.
  • Maintain assessment portfolios for each child.
  • Ensure daily communication journals which include updates as to the progress of your child, and inform you of any changes that may affect your child’s day.


  • Your child will learn how to write their first and last name.
  • Be introduced to site words.
  • Recognize the days of the week and months of the year.
  • Spell their colors and numbers.
  • Be introduced to sentence structure.
  • Obtain the foundation for beginning reading skills.


  • Learn how to play well with others and work in small and/or large group settings.
  • Learn how to raise their hands in order to get their message spoken in the classroom.
  • Develop skills of sharing, manners, and taking appropriate turns to foster ideas.
  • Being able to remain patient and follow structure.
  • Arrive to school with confidence.


  • Your child will handle classroom materials appropriately and put them away.
  • Take on the perspective of others.
  • Answer questions pertaining to their environment.
  • Understand similarities and differences.

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