Potty training tips

Potty training tips

Potty training can be scary business, but we have some tips and information that can make the transition from diapers to underwear a breeze!

Did you know that?


At Precious Lambs we work hand in hand with our toddlers and their parents to knock potty training out of the park!

We even host a potty training boot camp that will soon be starting. This event takes place 4 times per year. [LINK TO WEB PAGE]. If you need assistance with helping your little one feel comfortable with the potty or want to have your little one potty train with a group of peers [CLICK HERE] contact us to complete an application to qualify. Our POTTY TRAINING BOOT CAMP is free of charge. Our expert teacher and potty trainers would love to work with you to aid in your potty training process. ENROLL YOUR CHILD TODAY [CLICK HERE]

Our team is here to cheer and celebrate your little ones!

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