Marjorie Mallard Owner of Precious Lambs

Marjorie Mallard, Owner

Marjorie Mallard, Owner Of Precious Lambs Preschool Holbrook

Marjorie Mallard is a proud (and busy!) mom of three children, two young adults and one teenager.  

“At one time, I was a working mom in the same position as many of you…..

I remember the day I had to place my children in childcare so that I could pursue my career.  To my dismay, I was completely dissatisfied with what I discovered for care options.

This inspired me to take a leap of faith, quit my full time career, and care for my own children.

I started in the child care field with opening and operating my own Family Day Care out of my two car garage, solely out the desires of a mother’s heart.

I am now the proud owner of Precious Lambs Early Childhood & Child Care Center. Precious Lambs is a learning center that takes great pride and joy in becoming a part of the relationship that helps develop and mold children into great future leaders while setting their foundation for life.

I have built great relationships along this journey and every day leads to a new discovery that I embrace, and in turn offer to children and families.

My passion is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is nurturing, loving, fun and educational. Precious Lambs is not only a school that services the educational needs of children, but one that collaborates with families to provide a customized service, so parents can trust that their most prized possession is safe, secure, loved, and having a great day – while being equipped with a foundation for their future education.”  Read more about our programs and what we have planned for your child! 

A Message From The Owner