Have I missed the Deadline? Is it Too late to Start Searching for a Program?

Back-to-school is right around the corner which means it’s crunch time to find the child care program best-suited to the needs of your family and your child. Many programs begin enrollment the January before the upcoming school year, but, fear not, it is not too late to find a program now. Many reputable programs still have spots available; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Check out the list below for the best spots to find more information about child care programs:

Online (especially Facebook): A simple Google search will provide you with websites for dozens of programs in your local area. Rather than simply clicking through each website to find out which schools are still enrolling, log onto Facebook and join a local Moms group or child care group page. Programs with available slots will often post flyers and memos detailing their open enrollment and some basic information about their school on these sites. This is a good jumping off point that allows you to find open programs before seeking out more information and references.

Pediatrician and GYN offices: Many child care providers will leave flyers at doctors’ offices. Reputable, up-to-date programs will often create new flyers, constantly posting updates of their enrollment availability. While you’re in the waiting room before your child receives his or her yearly check-up, ask the receptionist about programs or look around for memo boards with flyers.

Grocery Stores: Child care providers are aware that everyone must eat and therefore everyone goes to the grocery store. This is a hotspot for flyers. Be sure to look on the walls on your way out for information about local child care centers and programming.
Libraries: Most libraries host year-round events for parents and children. Child care providers are aware of this and will often leave information about their schools at these events. Some providers even offer free events at local libraries. Check out these enrichment programs to not only hear about child care programs, but also to provide some supplementary learning for your growing child.

While it might seem like almost every program is full, this is simply not the case. Most schools offer on going enrollment and would love to speak with you and your child. Be knowledgeable of where to look and how to find information about potential programs for you and your child and you will surely find a program that meets your family’s needs.
PRECIOUS LAMBS IS CURRENTLY ENROLLING FOR THE FALL. Our programming extends from child eighteen months old through six years old, for our before and after care program. We focus on the individual child and on the growth of every student that enters through our doors.

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