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Infant Program

Our Infant Program (6 weeks-18 months) is designed to help with the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of your little ones. With a fully developed daily schedule, your child will participate in daily crafts, tummy time, sensory activities and so much more.

Daily Language Development

  • Teachers are loving, nurturing and provide ample opportunities to encourage language acquisition by reading, playing peek a boo and using descriptive words.
  • Introduction to sign language to help express their emotions, needs, and thoughts.
  • Practice emulating gestures and movements.

Fine Motor Development

Helping your little ones grab small objects with their fingers, such as finger foods, clapping to music, puppet time and story time. Additionally, picking up large objects and toys to help build dexterity, making the task of grasping and manipulating objects seamless and effortless.

Parent E-Communication

Designed to keep you connected. No longer feel left out while you are away from your baby during the day. Our Communication app will keep you informed of your baby’s diaper changes, feedings, activities and milestones throughout the day. Let’s not forget the daily photos we’ll send you of your precious lambs.


Precious Lambs’ Toddler Program (19 months-3 years old) is engineered to develop the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of our earliest learners. For most students, this will be their first classroom setting experience. We work to provide a loving, positive experience that is designed to the needs of the individual child. Parent-teacher conferences twice per year, in addition to learning logs and daily communications, are promised to enable parents to be actively involved in their child’s day at Precious Lambs.

Daily Emotional Goals

  • Encouragement through progress acknowledgment Independence through free play and imaginative learning.
  • Interactive growth through daily experiences with peers.

Daily Cognitive Goals

  • Daily skills activities that involve practicing letters, numbers, writing & color matching exercises.
  • Creative learning activities in the areas of math, science, & the arts.
  • Imaginative play and mastery of lacing, buttoning, solving puzzles and much more.

Daily Social Goals

  • Developing social skills with peers
  • Develop & distinguish between emotions & feelings
  • Participation in music & movement activities


Our Pre-K/Preschool Program (four years and older) is a purposely designed learning center, which includes: math, writing, science, and dramatic plays. Our hands-on approach to learning will appease multi-modal learning styles i.e., visual, auditory, daily name practicing, alphabet, and numerical writing in journals in small one to one group instruction.

What makes Precious 3’s programming special?

  • Parent-teacher conferences 2x/year
  • Daily name & alphabet writing in journals
  • Teachers maintain assessment portfolio for each child

What makes Precious 4’s programming special?

  • Curriculum designed to advance child development & strengthen kindergarten preparedness
  • Curriculum aligned with NYS Early Learning Guidelines
  • Sight words
  • Prereading skills
  • Sentence structure & formation
  • Early learners become lifelong learners

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Learning, Loving, and Nurturing

Services are customized for each child enrolled in our care. Our staff members are passionate educators that work collaboratively with our families to help your child reach their unique individual educational milestone, in accordance with your set desired goals.

Our Infant, Toddler, and Pre-kindergarten programs help your child develop skills to succeed throughout their years in school. We create educational challenges for your child while they make new friends and social interactions.

Our program promotes Kindergarten Readiness on a first-grade level. Offering a customized academic rich learning environment which includes learning centers, math, writing, science, sensory, arts and crafts, music and movement and language, sports and fitness and music. We strive to help promote your child’s development socially and cognitively.

Precious Lambs Early Learning & Childcare will become your solution as a working parent by providing your child with a strong foundation while fulfilling your child’s educational and academic needs.


Precious Lambs Early Childhood and Child Care Center is a Parent's Choice and the answer for the working parent.