Holbrook Emergency Childcare For All Ages

Precious Lambs offers Emergency ChildCare for families who are in need of care for a day or on a temporary basis.

We understand that life’s challenges are not always conducive to our schedules especially for the working parent whose family members aiding in the care of your child get sick, go on vacation, or just simply need a day off.  Our Center is designed to service the needs of families putting the health and safety of each and every family first.

We welcome you and your child with open arms even if your situation is temporary.  Just give us 24 hours notice that you will be in need of our care and ensure that all registrations papers, including, but not limited to the medical history and immunization record of your child is provided on the  NYS Medical OCFS LDSS Form 4433 is completed and on file with us.

Upon drop off, please provide ample time to speak with the director and the teacher about your child’s needs, change in any medical conditions, meals to be given and personalized care to be provided.  Please also provide time to review your emergency pick up list and persons who will be picking up at the end of the day.  Reminder Drivers Licenses are required from any and all persons who will be picking up your child and they must be listed on the pick up list.


  • Please remember that Precious Lambs does not provide meals.
  • Precious Lambs is a Nut Free Center. Due to the allergies of children enrolled in care, please do not provide your child with meals or snacks containing nuts or nut butters.
  • Full day care: your child should arrive with a breakfast, lunch and two snacks if receiving full day care.
  • Part day care: child should have breakfast prior to drop if coming in after 9:00 a.m. We recommend you pack a lunch and two snacks for your child.
  • Morning care only: child should arrive with a snack.
  • Tailored hour care: speak with the director to ensure you are providing adequate meals in accordance to the scheduled hours of care.

Personal Belongings

  • Child’s personal items should be labeled with their first and last name on all belongings.
  • Provide a change of clothes.
  • Provide an appropriate amount of diapers and wipes for the time that they will be in care.
  • Provide a smock for messy and wet play.
  • Provide a crib sheet and blanket for napping.