Do You Feel Bad Leaving your Children in Child Care?

As a working parent, it can be difficult to leave your little ones in child care. You may worry about how your kids will cope with being away from you or if they will receive the same level of love and attention that you may give them. It is just a fact that if you are a working parent, then leaving your kids in childcare becomes a real option. Well, you’re not alone. So how can you quell your guilt and fears?

Here are some suggestions from

  • Prescreen childcare facilities by checking references from other parents
  • Create a list of questions and write them down so you don’t forget
  • Do your research
  • Most importantly follow your instincts

Making the decision to leave your child in a childcare facility while you work may not feel great at first but with due diligence and listening to your own instincts you will make the right decision. To get more tips & tricks on how to manage this process download my free E-book: “A Parent’s Guide to Guilt-Free Childcare”.  Let us know some of the reasons that may lead you to feeling guilty about leaving your little ones in child care in the comments below.

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