Daycare is the New Early Childhood Education

In today’s world, parents are left with having to make the decision between child care and providing an income stream in the home.  When looking for care, it is important to understand that quality daycare centers are increasingly becoming a place for children to get early childhood education that will prepare them for the future.It is not as simple as being a babysitting service or unstructured play all day. According to Wikipedia, “Early childhood education (ECE) is a branch of educational theory which relates to the teaching of young children up until the age of about eight, with a particular focus on developmental education, most notable before the start of compulsory education”.

So how can you be better prepare to meet the demands of electing the right early childhood program for your child? In one word: Quality Childcare.

Quality childcare programs offer a variety of services to the children and families.  Offering a structured day, filled with hands on learning activities and quality teachers and staff that work collaboratively with the children and families.  Is the head teacher equipped to develop learning materials based upon the needs of your individual child?  Or, does the program just offer a rote method of learning on dittos and pre-planned activities, without taking the needs of your individual child’s into consideration.  Collaboration is also the key.  Forming a plan between the teacher and the familiar that is best suitable for the child is also key to preparing your child for their next stage of development.

Quality Childcare is important for preparing your children for their future. I would suggest ending it like this: Taking the time to do research on what types of services  your childcare provider offers will go a long way to ensuring your child has the quality childcare education that they deserve. What are your thoughts on the transformation of the daycare industry? Share your thoughts with me on this below.

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