Build A Career At Our Holbrook Child Care

Our staff is truly a team driven by passion and a love for the field of Early Childhood

Our Learning & Child Care Center is a terrific place to work.  We are privately owned and operated with a great reputation in our community.

Precious Lambs is looking to partner with qualified, experienced, nurturing and mature child care professionals.  Precious Lambs also affords you the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of children and families, be an influence in the field of Early Education, work with a team that is supportive of another and build lifelong relationships.

Our Directors and Owner have many years of experience in the field of Education and serve as mentors to the team, providing knowledge and support.  Because they were once teachers in the classroom they can easily relate to the staff and classroom experiences, allowing them to empathize with situations and serve as a resource to our staff members.  If you are looking for a home where your professionalism can be utilized and appreciated, then Precious Lambs is the place for you.

Open Positions

Please email Precious Lambs Childcare to inquire about open positions.

Teacher Testimonials

“I am one of the Assistant Teachers in the Precious Lambs threes room. One of the reasons I enjoying working at Precious Lambs, is because of its welcoming and friendly faces I get to experience every day. Precious Lambs is like a second home to me. This is not a place where you just teach children, but a school that involves you in their growth and development as a whole. I love pouring a large amount of care and love into the children at Precious Lambs every day.” ~Ms. Paola

“I am the Precious Threes teacher here at Precious Lambs Early Childhood and Child Care Center. One of the many reasons I enjoy working at Precious Lambs is because it’s like raising another family for our future. It is such an honor to be a part of all of these angels’ lives and help leading them onto the right path. Here at Precious Lambs, we are well appreciated and concerned for not only each other, but also for everyone else. Here we strive to make sure everyone is in good spirits. The environment, the staff, children and parents all make us one big family that are as happy as can be. It’s a place where you are wanted, which is the perfect job for me!!” ~Mrs. Maria S

“I LOVE working at Precious Lambs! Every day is a special day and working with the kids at Precious Lambs gives me pride and joy. I just love taking care of them and looking up to them to see the interesting movements and cuteness they show me. The children at Precious Lambs give me so much love that I smile all day and give love back to them. All of their hugs and kisses make my day a delight. I work with the most wonderful group of girls. My boss is a wonderful boss and also the Assistant Directors are a pleasure to work with. I’ve been with Precious Lambs for three years and I hope to continue for many more years to come.” ~Mrs. Maria R

“I love working at Precious Lambs because it’s like a second family and my home away from home! Precious Lambs has a team of wonderful, caring women that support and help each other every day. I have been teaching for many years and for the first time ever, I am comfortable, happy and truly enjoy my position and the atmosphere.” ~Mrs Trina

Our Culture

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