Teething tactics for your little ones

  Tooth development typically occurs between the ages of the five and seven months. Those pearly whites don’t come easy: at this time, your little one will likely experience increased drooling, discomfort, and difficulty sleeping. As a parent, it’s up to you to be aware of your child’s progress and help limit potential pain during [...]

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Helping your child with drop offs

For many children, the transition from around-the-clock parental care to a daycare environment is not an easy one. Anxiety and nervousness about separating from an attachment figure can manifest themselves in plenty of tears and a physical resistance to your leaving. The truth is, by the time you reach your car, most or all of [...]

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Benefits of Early Learning Programs

Often times, the decision to enter a child into an early learning program is not an easy one for parents to make. Time spent with your little one is reduced, but studies have repeatedly shown that early entrance into a formal learning environment fosters long terms growth and educational benefits for children. In addition, the [...]

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Communication Equals Success

Time and time again I’m asked by parents what they can do to assure that their child will be successful at our preschool. Should they work with them at home on key concepts being taught at school? Should they have their child in preschool 5 days a week or just a few days a week? [...]

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Mom Needs Time Out Too

>Life goes fast! And when I look at the life that parents lead today, it can be completely overwhelming (not to mention, exhausting)! Between careers, playdates, school requirements, and good old-fashioned family fun, before you know it, there is no time left for yourself. And that is only magnified when you are a single parent. [...]

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Ways to Overcome Bedtime Battles

Throughout my years as a Childcare Business Owner and Provider, I have been approached on numerous occasions by many parents who have asked for suggestions to many different issues they have faced with their little ones – needless to say, one of the issues of concern has been children’s bedtime battles.  Whether your child is wired and does not want to go to [...]

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Benefits of a Good Relationship with Your Child’s Preschool Director

Finding the right preschool for your youngster can take a lot out of parents in today’s world!  Talk about an overwhelming experience!  Everything is so competitive, all preschools claim to be #1, and all of the information parents gather seems to be top-notch and perfect.  All parents want the best for their children, so when [...]

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