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Benefits of Early Learning Programs

Often times, the decision to enter a child into an early learning program is not an easy one for parents to make. Time spent with your little one is reduced, but studies have repeatedly shown that early entrance into a formal learning environment fosters long terms growth and educational benefits for children. In addition, the social benefits of being involved in a classroom are numerous. By interacting with peers of the same age group, students become involved in social learning and are able to make progress in acquiring social skills. Development is not only interpersonal, but also rooted in the self. A significant point of growth involves independence. Child care centers allow your little one to develop self-reliance and can be especially important if your child has separation anxiety, struggling to cope with parting from you or another prevalent figure in his or her life.

The daily schedule of a preschool involves several aspects that help build autonomy including:

  • Entrance Activities: At the start of each day, preschools begin with a structured process for ushering in a new day of learning. Students hang up their coats, drop off their backpacks, and are typically engaged with an early morning activity or song. Students are taught to engage with routine and to be their own leaders in accomplishing tasks. Entrance routines set a precedent for participation and personal responsibility that continues throughout the course of the day.
  • Projects: Highly-qualified learning environments will focus on teaching not through flat worksheets, but through hands-on projects. Students are responsible for actively creating a finished project by following directions and acting to create his or her own unique work. The outcome of the project depends entirely on the student. For most little ones, they are excited to bring home their piece to show mom or dad. This incentive leads to a desire to create a beautiful piece and an awareness of his or her responsibility in the process of doing so.
  • Clean Up Time: After time spent having fun during free play or organized play stations, the events conclude with students picking up the toys and putting them back to their rightful places before moving onto the next task. In this way, students are given the responsibility to cleaning up after themselves and learning to respect the space of their classroom. This can transfer over to the home and to living spaces in his or her future. From this activity, students can learn how important their individual role is in regards to the entirety of the classroom and the importance tidiness in day-to-day living.

When you drop your child off for daycare each day, he or she is given the opportunity to further develop independence and self-care skills. Preschools afford students with the structure, care, and guidance to understand team-playing and the importance of each individual in shaping the experience of another. Little ones in these programs are exposed early to the tenets of routine and personal responsibility. From an early age, students are afforded the opportunity to develop autonomy and a regard for the self and others through the preschool curriculum.

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