Benefits of a Good Relationship with Your Child’s Preschool Director

Finding the right preschool for your youngster can take a lot out of parents in today’s world!  Talk about an overwhelming experience!  Everything is so competitive, all preschools claim to be #1, and all of the information parents gather seems to be top-notch and perfect.  All parents want the best for their children, so when they receive information overload during the preschool hunting process, sometimes it can be really difficult to know which direction to take.

Here at Precious Lambs, not only do we focus on the child, but partnerships and relationships as well. A personal relationship with the wonderful staff of teachers and myself, the Director.  Trust me, I know how intimidating the entire process can be and the last thing I want parents to feel is pressure and to be overwhelmed.  I love to meet with parents and truly show how the personal relationship with our center can enhance these formative years for their children and how excited we really are to be a part of a child’s first step into the world of education.  There is a special bond between us and parents, after all, we’re working together to teach your little one to be ready for the exciting adventures that lie ahead for them in the world!

So what are the benefits of having a good relationship with your preschool’s staff and director?  Where to begin?!  Firstly, according to Trudy Carpenter, Director of special services for Ledyard public schools in Connecticut, “Nothing is as important as building a good working relationship with your child’s teacher.  It’s the best gift you can give your child!”.  It is truly in your child’s best interests to foster a positive relationship and by showing respect and gratitude towards each other, children learn by example on how to best function socially in the world around them.

Consistently, researchers have discovered that greater parental involvement in a child’s education is associated with:

Higher student grades and test scores
Better attendance
Higher rates of homework completion
More positive student attitudes and behavior
Higher graduation rates
Greater enrollment rates in post-secondary education

All of these benefits begin at the foundation… Preschool!  When a child starts at a new school or a new childcare center, we know that everyone is anxious and emotions are filled with adrenalin.  The child can feel a lot of anxiety as they begin a new chapter and step out of their comfort zone.  And you, as the parent?  I know how hard it can be to give your child over to someone else for hours in the day.  That brings a lot of anxiety, as well!  Your child will thrive in school if there is a trusting unit between your child, the preschool, and you, and the more freely information flows back and forth between home and school, the better your child will start adapting to the change and be excited about learning!  We believe in open communication from Day 1. It is important to me as the Director to be able to have my families feel confident and trust that they can approach me at anytime about anything. This also makes children feel valued and important when their parents take an interest.

There are also many benefits for us in the childcare field, as well!  We truly experience a high level of satisfaction in an environment where we can work in partnership with our parents.  Stress levels are reduced and we truly appreciate the respect that is given.  And as you can imagine, this in turns reduces parent stress!  Imagine feeling comfortable about raising concerns and discussing solutions rather than dreading it?  You will feel more encouraged to share information, voice concerns, ask question and make requests when there is a strong partnership.  It’s a win-win! When you have a good relationship, it also opens the door to more easily address any issues or concerns on either side, regarding your child. Even though YOU are the expert on your little one and know the ins and outs of daily life with him, it always helps when a parent is willing to take advice.  An experienced preschool Director has nurtured many different kinds of children over the years and may be able to better assist with suggestions on things you may be missing out on, such as helping a shy child!  Trust me, we want your child to succeed as much as you do and by solidifying that relationship between the parent and the teacher/director, increasing the trust and ability to be up front about items that may need to be addressed on either end.  When everyone is comfortable with each other, it makes them more likely to ask for help or support when related to their child and use the suggested strategies discussed at home.

I love this acronym that was found on!

Remember what PARENT stands for:

Partner. Be there for your child and his teacher. Help your child prepare for school at home, and keep abreast of school events.

Advocate. Work for change in the classroom if you’re unhappy with the staff or the curriculum.

Resource. Help your child by providing his teacher with information about him. The more she knows about your child’s home life, the more she’ll be able to help him learn.

Encourager. Support your child and his teacher. Believe in them. Compliment jobs well done.

Negotiator. Be willing to talk. Be open to finding innovative solutions.

Team member. Do your share of the work. Teachers can’t fix everything themselves. A child’s education takes place at home, too.

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