Summer Camp Holbrook

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Holbrook Summer Camp

Precious Lambs FUNominal STEAMtastic Summer Camp experience has something to offer to all ages from 19 months through 8 years old!

This summer we will be experiencing fun through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics!

  • Color Blends
Painting in Summer Camp Holbrook

Budding artist!

Through specialized instruction your little ones will become scientist, while they experiment with colors and watch them blend and change.

Imagine the discovery of the magic of color combinations.  We are all embraced in a world filled with different shades and hues.

  • Be a Paleontologist!

Dinosaurs are one of our kids favorites.  Especially, dinosaur digs.  Digging to find clues and uncovering the bones of plant eaters and meat eaters is always a big hit.  We will cover a variety of tasks from uncovering clues to making sand clay.

  • Magnetic Exploration 
Building with magnets in Holbrook Summer Camp

Building with magnets!

Your child will develop the skills of predicting, which is a necessary component to reading. The children will be exposed to a variety of objects and test their attraction to magnets gaining language and social skills.

Other activities to look forward to are:  building with objects and creating.  Even our youngest scientist will be able to understand magnetism, sizes and colors of the objects and predict which object will be attracted to magnets.

  • Little Detectives

Based upon a variety of themes, Little Detectives will enhance critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.  With the use of a magnifying glass we will search out clues and other forms of evidence on our journey through group investigations.

This fun activity teaches teamwork and is filled with hands on learning.  Your child will be embraced with challenges as they hunt for clues to help the reach their final destination.  With the youngest camper in mind, their clue hunting experience will either be customized to your little ones abilities and interest, or theme related.  Nonetheless, the Little Detectives program will keep the kiddos on their toes.

  • Art Around the World
Art Classes in Holbrook Summer Program

Art is everywhere!

Sculptures, paintings, Carvings, Drawings and Collages, all done by great artists.  Your child will explore the world’s great art and artists as they become artists.

Some of the creations they will be making are O’Keeffe’s large flowers, Matisse’s playful cutouts, Picasso’s silly surrealism, Mondrian’s abstract lines and Van Gogh’s swirling night sky.

Through these wonderful pieces of artwork, your child will be challenged with hands on and minds on activities to build problem solving skills and creativity.

  • The K’NEX Building Experience

K’NEX is designed to address critical concepts in mathematics, engineering and spatial awareness. This hands on learning opportunity will enhance your child’s mathematical concepts and algorithms.   Our kiddos work cooperatively and are encouraged to interact with each other as they build, investigate, discuss and evaluate mathematical concepts, ideas and real world models.

  • Robotix

Children of all ages imagining adventures with robots, robotic vehicles and robotic creatures. Your kids can design their own robots with motors that control robotic legs, arms, wheels and jaws!

The Fun Continues All Summer!

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